Ramzi Najjar - The War Within You

October 13, 2021

Ramzi Najjar - Bestselling Author

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- "Ramzi Najjar has spent most of his childhood in a time of war. Growing up amidst the Lebanese Civil war, he has witnessed all kinds of destruction, explosions, and bombings. The mayhem around him ended when he was 12. But the chaos within had just begun. He had remained stuck in comparing the chaos that ruled before, to the new calm that had prevailed.

He constantly kept wondering 'Why do people get so aggressive at times, and why are they friendly and living in peace at other times?' He'd attend school, but the subject where his interest lied was human psychology. He even started maintaining a journal to reflect on the way he felt. Years passed, he graduated college, completed his one year of mandatory military service, moved to Kuwait for better career opportunities. But, this one question 'Why do people act the way they do?' stayed with him throughout.

After moving to Kuwait, he got busy with building his team and companies. However, he would still make a point to journal down his thoughts. And, it was during the 2020 lockdown, when he decided to give shape to these thoughts.

From growing up in the immense stress of war to moving into a different country, starting from scratch and building 2 companies; he got to live and grow through various experiences and hardships of life. And the lockdown felt like the right time to put these learnings and experiences out to the world. So, in his first book The YOU Beyond you, he discusses the real secrets of life and how they operate within us and our environment.

Releasing his first book as a self-published author was itself a feat. But, the overwhelming responses and appreciations that came his way, in the form of positive reviews and awards was the cherry on top! So, during the second lockdown, he started writing his next book - The Ultimate Human Secrets. Yet again, he was showered with immense love for the book.

Growing up in a war zone, he could have never imagined even becoming a writer. Waking up to a day filled with reviews like 'I'm glad I read your book' 'Your book brought all the answers to my Who, What, When and Why's' still feels surreal. Indeed, it's not the war around but within ourselves that makes or breaks the YOU beyond you."

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